By Lisa Chandler, 9 May, 2023

Modern engineering and beautiful design in front of what was once modern engineering and still is beautiful design. 

Peter’s Brampton bicycle in front of old radiator.
By Lisa Chandler, 8 May, 2023

Yesterday was the second anniversary of Olivia’s coming out as a trans woman. I did not know her as Oliver. I met her about six months after she came out.

I feel grateful to her for all I have learned since meeting her. And I felt happy making her a cake somewhat resembling the transgender flag. 


She has a family that fully embraces her. They showed up on Zoom to mark her anniversary and remind her of their support. 

And there is no one more unconditionally loving than Olivia herself (and her father). I want to remember this in times less celebratory.  

By Lisa Chandler, 6 May, 2023

This is both clever and beautiful.  I cannot give credit as I saw the photo online but it was not credited.  

Sofa with cat scratches and same sofa fixed with embroidery.

Reminds me of a Leonard Cohen art exhibit in Montreal that I loved called A Crack in Everything. 

By Lisa Chandler, 5 May, 2023

One of these flowers is not like the others.  

Bouquet of flowers

It’s hard to pick out which one it is. This photo gives it away.  I just got it at The Farmacy and Fermentary.  $12 for this piece of artistry that will bring me joy each time I look at it   

Beeswax flower candle

Thank you, Honey Hurst.

Business card for Honey Hurst
By Lisa Chandler, 3 May, 2023

Peter mapped his last trail today. He’s mapped over 60 trails for this Island Trails project. I said we should celebrate him.  He asked if I could make lunch in the form of PEI. I could and did, using lettuce. 

A PEI map made from lettuce leaves.

This has me thinking of Prabha who landed safely back home in India today. Before she left, I had asked her what PEI foods she might miss while at home this summer.  Her first answer: cheese.  Then she thought for a bit more and said, “Also letoose. We don’t have letoose in India.” We both giggled.  When Prabha first arrived and we’d made her salad for the first time, she’d pronounced it “let-oose”. The pronunciation is so cute it has stuck. 

As a related note, perhaps for the right farmer (Wade Beaton!) there might be a very large market for letoose in India? I suspect the appetite for PEI lettuce maps is decidedly smaller. Though I do know one Indian who’d love it.