Happy as a…

By Lisa Chandler, 11 July, 2023
Scoring 28,000 at ice ball

I’ve been spoiled this birthday. Peter hosted a wonderful garden party on Sunday, with warm temps and even warmer wishes. He had great help from the kids, my parents and our Rukavina family. I felt touched each time a guest walked into the back yard.  

The crowd at my birthday party, gathered in a circle of chairs in the back yard.

Peter's boozy custom cocktail was a delight: Gin, Aperol, Charteuse, Prosecco. He chose well! I had to stop after two, remembering I had a workout scheduled for the next morning.

A jar of the custom cocktail, with the recipe on a sheet of paper to the left.

Olivia and I jumped in the homemade photo booth for a “future” focussed shot.  She’s very keen to go in new directions, and wanted my birthday to be forward looking! 

Me and Olivia

This girl, the apple of my eye, loaded me up with many gifts.  I’m awestruck by her thoughtful words and deeds.

Me and L.

And while I’m elated with my beautiful new bike—a surprise from Peter (I purchased my last bike in Toronto in the late 90s, and it has served me well until this week!), I am particularly taken with his Facebook post this morning. I feel seen, known and loved. 

L and I cycling. I'm on my new bike.FB text from Peter

We just stepped on a plane, headed to the US for a business trip for Peter. While boarding, I reached into my bag to get my passport. I found a card from the most thoughtful 12 year old in the world.  We have a tradition of notes in luggage when we part. She wishes me to feel “as happy as a bird with a french fry”.  I do. 

Birthday card from L.

P.S. I got 28,000 in ice ball last night. I think I’ll invest $100 in loonies this year and see what I score on my next birthday. Best get practicing, Chandlers and Rukavinas!