By Lisa Chandler, 18 April, 2024

Today we had the great privilege of working with printmaker Roy Scholten at Grafisch Atelier Hilversum.  We made good progress conceiving of and starting to print a Dutch edition of This Box is for Good.

One hint: We’re using Lego blocks in our printing. And maybe some orange ink.    

Photo of orange ink.

If I had more energy, I’d describe our day and what it was like to learn from Roy.  More on that over at  

Instead, I will share a poster that hung on the print shop wall.


We are! 

By Lisa Chandler, 16 April, 2024

We went  looking for a linocut print shop operated by accomplished printmaker Monika Peterson.  
Her prints are stunning.  

Linocut lemon.

To our disappointment, her shop was closed early today.  Happily, we stumbled upon a letterpress printmaker named Kaspar a few doors down.  
Heidelberg Press
He and Peter had a great chat about various presses and we got to talk about our This Box is for Good project.  We’ll be printing a new edition of our box with Roy Scholten at Grafisch Atelier Hilversum in The Netherlands layer this week! 


By Lisa Chandler, 16 April, 2024

I love the Danish sense of order (and clean washrooms).  These coloured pencils were available on a “Help Yourself” basis in the café at the Danish Architecture Centre.  

A wooden tray of pencils.

They followed this beautiful staircase in another section of the Centre, all located in Blox. 

Vibrant, painted staircase.

We later noticed that even paint chips are beautiful, and seem like actual painted pieces of paper.

Paint chips in Denmark.

Sadly, while we were swimming in beautiful design and colour, The Old Stock Exchange (Børson) was on fire nearby.  We didn’t know what was burning until the news started reporting it.  
BBC news headlines about Copenhagen fire.
Now we smell like smoke. And we feel sad that the people of Denmark have lost something built 400 years ago.  

Here in its full glory:

The Old Stock Exchange before renovations and fire.

A colourful day, indeed.    


By Lisa Chandler, 16 April, 2024

In the five days leading up to our travel, I walked:

A calculator page

In the first five days while travelling, I walked:

Calculator page

Travel is a good reason to walk!  

By Lisa Chandler, 15 April, 2024

We arrived back in Copenhagen last night, where we were welcomed with a glass of Happy Hour wine. All hotels should be thus.  
Happy hour hot chocolate in hand.
Peter found a cool ping pong room for a pre dinner warm up.  
Funky ping pong room in Danish hotel
Despite that I cannot seem to sleep a full night no matter where I am in the world, this is a lovely spot to lay one’s head.  
Girl on a hotel bed