On matters of water

By Lisa Chandler, 22 July, 2023
Cover of book: The Covenant of Water

The Covenant of Water—it’s beautiful inside and out. Though I also feel gutted having read it. It’s epic proportions left a mark on me.

Take my sensitive nature, reading about 400 pages since Thursday, add big thunderstorms in the night, a little water on the camper bathroom floor of unclear origin, and waking up to news of floods in Nova Scotia, and you might see how this fiction is colouring my reality today.  The covenant of water indeed. 

I find myself moping around, rolling over the joys and tragedies that befall all of us in our lifetimes. And while there is utter beauty in the pages of the book, today’s rain has me focussed on hardships.   

Tomorrow we’re going to a new, one time book club in St. Peters Harbour. We’ll meet in a cottage which looks across St. Peters Bay at beautiful Greenwich. We’ll discuss the far away India of decades ago. I learned so much while reading. I’m curious what others will say about their swim in Abraham Verghese’s waters. Despite my melancholy, I recommend taking the deep plunge into his deep waters, all 715 pages of them.