Wherever you go, there you are.

By Lisa Chandler, 20 September, 2021

I had high hopes for the summer of 2021. At Chandler Coaches, we’d made a promise to each other that we’d largely take the summer off. We had planned our business year accordingly, knowing how privileged we were that we could even contemplate taking a break. And despite that business wasn’t as nicely tied up in a bow in June as I had hoped, I put it down and ran toward my summer plans1.  

Let me back up for a moment. In March, in a moment of inspiration or impulse, I bought a camper (now known as “The Glamper”) to put on a cottage lot I had purchased way back in 1999. I was feeling depleted and looking for a way to get replenished. I thought that a summer away from business, with slower morning coffees, daily beach walks, and friends visiting, would be just what I needed to get inspired. 

Me, in front of the "glamper" in 2021.

Rest and play is a commitment conscious leaders make. I decided that I was making it. I wanted to slow down and give myself space.  I wanted to refresh in order to bring the best to my family, friends, and you, our courageous clients. 

Inside the "glamper" living room.

There were some slower mornings, some laughs with friends and some gorgeous pink sunsets. There was also a blocked sewer tank, boredom and lots of bug bites.  But this post is not meant as a chronicle of our summer, it’s the reminder that: 

Wherever you go, there you are!2 

The "glamper" kitchen table.

There I was in my field of clover with my same tendencies: Plunging into challenging projects vs. sitting still and feeling lonely.  Deep down, I knew back in March that the glamper was yet another distraction. But I did it anyway. And you know what? It didn’t deliver. How could it? There is no camper in this world, however glampy, that can give me what I really want.  

Instead of fun and inspiration, I got the “gift” of seeing how I keep repeating patterns that don’t really serve me (This post from summer 2018 reminded me). Initially, that felt like a big ouch! But from that pain, some clarity and courage are emerging.  What I really want is a deep connection with a loving partner, lots and lots of silliness, and a thriving coaching team who boldly invite transformations in our clients so we create positive impacts that go way beyond our Island.

To create what I want most, the teacher must become the student! Last week I joined an intensive coaching program as the client. I have already made a few important changes in my life/leadership.  

I firmly believe we cannot do this transformational work alone. Living and leading with courage and integrity requires that we surround ourselves with the loving pressure of a conscious leader community who will help us get there.  

At Chandler Coaches, our Conscious Leader Forum is this community. When you get tired of “buying campers” to avoid taking a stand for the life and leadership impact you really want, we can talk.

Until then, keep glamping.  

1. I am very grateful to Julie Ann who chose to coach some clients during the summer and to Lisa D-M who handled various things in my absence.    

2. This statement was popularized after the 1994 book Wherever You Go, There You Are: Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life by Jon Kabat-Zinn.